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The Power of Parent Empowerment: A Story from Detroit

The Power of Parent Empowerment: A Story from Detroit

The city of Detroit has long faced significant challenges in providing children with a quality education. For many parents in the city, navigating the complex education system can be daunting, leaving them feeling disempowered and unable to advocate effectively for their children. However, one organization is working to change this by empowering parents and transforming the education landscape in the city.

Detroit Parent Network (DPN) is a premier parent organization that aims to transform parents and make Detroit a better place to raise and educate children. The organization’s Executive Director, Sharlonda Buckman, has dedicated almost a decade to working with parents and caregivers in Detroit, helping them become powerful advocates for their children’s education. Under Buckman’s leadership, DPN offers a range of workshops, leadership development programs, and practical tools designed to equip parents with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate the education system effectively.

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