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Immerse yourself in transformative opportunities at Industry Power. Our activations, including workshops, panels, roundtables, private events, master classes, retreats, and cutting-edge web 3 tech, provide a unique platform for experts to engage in exclusive events that may have been unfamiliar or inaccessible otherwise. Expand your horizons and network with industry leaders, gaining invaluable insights and connections along the way.

We capture the session with...

Cinematic and Documentary-Style Videography

The Power Tour captures the essence of each activation through cinematic and documentary-style videography. These recordings are made available to members as a valuable resource and provide a behind-the-scenes look at the discussions and insights shared by industry leaders.

There is no sector untouched...

Serving Multiple Industries

Advisors Union (our Expert Network) serves a wide range of industries, including but not limited to technology, finance, healthcare, creative arts, and more. Our platform provides a unique opportunity for professionals in various industries to connect and collaborate with one another, fostering a dynamic and diverse network of experts.

It doesn't stop with the individuals...

Platform for Corporations

In addition to serving individual professionals, the Power Tour expert network provides a platform for corporations to connect with industry leaders and experts. Offering corporations the opportunity to showcase their industry leaders, and form partnerships with other businesses and professionals. We’ve create a thriving network of professionals and corporations that can support each other and drive innovation and growth in their respective industries.

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