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The Journey of an International Executive

The Journey of an International Executive

As a young boy growing up in Zaragoza, Spain, Caesar Val was drawn to martial arts. He quickly fell in love with the discipline, the physical challenge, and the mental focus that came with it. His passion for martial arts led him to earn a Black Belt 3rd Dan, an achievement that still brings him great pride today. But it was not his only accomplishment.

Val’s passion for martial arts also taught him invaluable life lessons that he has carried with him throughout his career as a senior FMCG, beauty, and luxury international executive. He believes that attention to detail, hard work, and a focus on strategy are the keys to success in business, and his track record proves it. Val has spent more than two decades leading teams in both SMEs and top WW corporations, always with a focus on brand building, people, and customer-centricity.

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