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Paving the Way for Economic Recovery and Growth

Paving the Way for Economic Recovery and Growth

Wally Adeyemo, a trailblazing Nigerian-American, was recently sworn in as Deputy Secretary of the Treasury, cementing his position as the Treasury Department’s number two official and chief operating officer. This is not Adeyemo’s first stint at the Treasury Department, having previously served in various leadership roles during the Obama Administration, including as Senior Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff under Secretary Tim Geithner and Secretary Jack Lew.

Throughout his career, Adeyemo has worked in organizations across the public, private, and non-profit sectors to build a stronger and fairer economy. In his role as Deputy Secretary, he has taken a leading role in Treasury’s national security, economic inequality, and pandemic-related economic recovery work, while supporting the Secretary in driving the Department’s fundamental mission: promoting economic growth and ensuring the financial security of the United States.

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