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Economic Transformation in Detroit: Meet the CEO Driving Progress

Economic Transformation in Detroit: Meet the CEO Driving Progress

The field of economic development requires passion, vision, and dedication to make a meaningful impact. One person who exemplifies these qualities is Kevin Johnson, the President and CEO of the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (DEGC). With years of experience in economic development across various regions, Johnson’s commitment to creating transformational opportunities for Detroit’s residents, businesses, and investors is unparalleled.

The Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (DEGC) is a nonprofit organization and the city’s leading economic development agency. The DEGC’s primary mission is to attract new businesses, create jobs, and advance Detroit’s economy for all its residents. The organization works with local and national companies to provide economic incentives, technical assistance, and real estate development services to support their growth and expansion in Detroit. The DEGC’s strategic initiatives and innovative solutions have helped to attract billions of dollars in investment and create thousands of new jobs in the city. With a diverse team representative of the communities it serves, DEGC is committed to inclusive economic development and reducing the inequality that can act as a barrier to economic opportunity.

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