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Banking Diversity Advocate Empowers Financial Inclusion

Banking Diversity Advocate Empowers Financial Inclusion

Financial empowerment is a transformative goal that can pave the way for greater financial stability and prosperity, and Gina Coleman is a champion of this cause. As Chief Diversity Officer at PNC, Gina has made it her mission to serve others and positively impact the community. With a wealth of experience in the banking industry, she brings a unique perspective on the critical role of diversity and inclusion in the financial world.

Gina’s journey to her current position was marked by impressive achievements and unwavering commitment to her work. She began her climb up the ladder at PNC as an Assistant Vice President in WorkPlace Banking Business Development, managing a portfolio of over 200 companies and growing the WorkPlace Banking program. Her dedication and expertise led her to rise to the position of Vice President and Community Consultant in Community Development Banking, where she worked closely with community leaders and organizations to promote PNC’s community service programs.

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